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Welcome home friends and family! We pray that you are blessed with what Cross Roads Fellowship has to offer. Our prayer since October 2009, has been that Cross Roads Fellowship would be a place where Christians could come to learn, Praise and Worship God and not feel threatened. A site where like minded people could come, regardless race and color could Fellowship.

We strive to keep Cross Roads Fellowship a clean and Godly site for all. We will be adding new features, so please be patient with us as we work out the bugs, but also we would ask that you continue to be in prayer for this site and it's members. Please let Jim or Leanna Kinson as the owners, or George Compton, our administrator know if there is anything that we might do to help you.

May God richly bless you,

Jim and Leanna

Daily Scripture

Happy Birthday Cross Roads Fellowship!

October 20, 2009

Today this site turns 6 years old.

Thanks to all of you that have contributed to this website.

May the Lord bless you,

Jim and Leanna

Pray for Israel


 Real Christian's pray for the Jewish people who have always been in persecution.There is a time of great suffering about to hit Israel and those who try to come against her in the very near future. According to what God's Word says, wars will come, and they are.

If you listen, watch, or read any news, you are going to hear about Israel. Our duty as Christians is to stop and listen, because anything you hear from now till the glorious day our Savior comes back will be very important not only to Israel but also to you. This is why all Christians should be praying daily for Israel. Praying for the Jews. We are entering a time of prophesy that does not look good for the world. I have shared this in many Bible studies and sermon messages that I have lead, for the believers who are following Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul and strength, will see favor and protection. This is another reason why I urge you to be praying for your neighbors and family members that don't know Jesus. It really is that important. We should pray for Israel, daily.

God bless you,


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Prayer For September 27, 2016 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
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Heavenly Father, You are faithful and just. You have laid the solid foundation and it cannot be shaken. Lord, You know those who are Yours and those who say that they belong to You must turn away from wrongdoing. Lord, If we are unfaithful, You…
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Heavenly Father, we learn from Apostle Paul, being led by the Holy Spirit: We heard from Christ and are reporting to you: God is light, and there isn't any darkness in Him. If we say, "We have a relationship with God" and yet live in the dark, we're…
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Prayer For September 22, 2016 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
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Time to Kick Off Cover to Cover 2015!

As you know, this group is dedicated to reading the Bible from cover to cover in 2015.  A reading plan is posted.  Come join me in this challenge to read the WHOLE Bible in one year.   2015 will  be the year you let the Holy Spirit teach you what you need to know in the Living Word.  January 1st starts the first day, so I invite you to join us now and be prepared to let God to great things in…
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Following Christ In A World That Is Not.

Friends, It has been our Prayer since Cross Roads Fellowship started in October of 2009 that it would remain as Godly as can be and that He always remained in control and received all the glory of the activities here.

As many of you know, Leanna and I believe in the power of prayer. Many of you have seen God answer prayer concerns. There has always been members here who check the prayer room so that they could keep praying for those in need and to give God the thanks and glory in Praises. Prayer Warriors, Leanna and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For those requesting prayer for healing, salvation, deliverance, finances, or for whatever reasons, click on the groups tab and you will see the prayer room.

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