Prayer For April 14, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Apr 14, 2022
Prayer For April 13, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Jesus, thank You for dying in my place on the cross! Just like Barabbas, I am the truly guilty and You are the sinless One who demonstrated Your own love for me when You died for me while I was dead in my trespasses and sins.  Just as You were lifted up on the cross, and just as You were raised up from the dead, You lifted the weight of sin from my guilt-ridden shoulders when I turned to You in forgiveness. Not only did You pay off my sin debt but the incredible, unearned bonus is that You [...]
Apr 13, 2022
Prayer for April 12, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
​Heavenly Father, because of Your marvelous grace You commissioned Your Son, Jesus, to die for an ungrateful, unreceptive and hostile people, and that includes me.  It's easy to be critical of Peter who so boldly asserted that he would never deny Christ, but did so within hours and at such a critical moment. Yet Peter's actions help us to view the tender grace You poured out on him at his lowest moment. His bitterness dissolved into brokenness. You are close to the brokenhearted, and [...]
Apr 12, 2022
Prayer For April 10, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Heavenly Father, as I walk in Your truths, give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Your holy name and heed Your still small voice. Help me to walk uprightly and live more by faith, less by sight so that I don't come to rely only on that which I see with my eyes, but I listen for the voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit. In doing so I am far more likely to follow the truths and principles of Scripture as learned throughout the Holy Word of God. Help me to be faithful, I pray in Jesus' name. A [...]
Apr 10, 2022
Prayer For April 9. 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
​Heavenly Father, as we embrace the cross of Calvary and apply Christ's redemptive blood to our hearts we find newness of life. We are no longer bound by the chains that fettered us to sin. What great liberty and boundless joy to know that our names are written down in heaven. If we set our hearts on this world, or declare allegiance to those things which have no eternal merit, we will wear down and lose the joy that comes with newness of life. But as we set our hopes and joys on serving [...]
Apr 9, 2022
Prayer For April 7, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Heavenly ​Father, we pray for discernment, so that we make wise decisions since You warn us that deceivers have gone out into the world, and if we're not on our guard, we will be taken in by their deceptive ways. As we read Your Word we learn of those things that are true, honest, good, just and virtuous and we also learn of that which is false, destructive, and misleading. We learn how to detect the enemy though he or she may be dressed in sheep's clothing and even masquerade as a Christ [...]
Apr 7, 2022
Prayer For April 6, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Heavenly Father, like the seven churches in Revelation, we too have strengths and weaknesses, in which we receive Your commendation and need Your correction. We want to be so yielded to Christ that we live for Him and are willing to die for Him.  We pray for our brothers and sisters who are currently facing all kinds of torment, suffering, and loss as they stand firm in the faith.  We pray that the Good News of Christ is reaching even more due to the persecuted church just as it has t [...]
Apr 6, 2022
Prayer For April 5, 2022 via J and L Ministries - Today\'s Prayer
Heavenly Father, how marvelous is Your indescribable grace that You should love a sinner such as I. Though I deserve death You grant eternal life through the death of Your beloved Son, Jesus. I am accepted into Your family, into the sainthood of all believers, through my redemption in Christ. So, too, I want to accept those who have turned to you in faith and obedience, who might be different, who break into my carefully etched out comfort zone. In doing so I learn how to be more loving and tol [...]
Apr 5, 2022